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Youth Programmes

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

What We Offer?

These programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of this young age group. They are highly interactive and fun, with the emphasis on character building and nurturing positive self-esteem.

Parents or teachers, please contact us for one-to-one training or customised workshops.

Children Social Graces & Etiquette

Groom your child to maximize their potential. A well-mannered child is a joy to have and generally more well-received by people around them. This workshop is designed to equip them with poise and confidence to interact effectively in social settings.

For children aged 5 – 12 years old, this is the best time to teach them about the importance of manners and social etiquettes as they are impressionable and eager to learn. See the positive transformation in your child.

Topics include:

    • Why good manners are important
    • Everyday social graces and etiquette at home and at public
    • The way to sit, stand and walk
    • Gift giving and receiving
    • Magic words
    • Fun with dining etiquette
    • Thank you notes

Teens Grooming and Social Etiquette

Growing up is never an easy phase for teenagers aged 13 – 19 years old. Teenagers often do not see the benefit of practicing good manners and busy lifestyles make it difficult for adults to tackle the task of teaching and reinforcing good manners.

The result for teenagers is that they step into the adult world lacking the etiquette and social skills needed to interview for college and jobs, and establish significant interpersonal relationships. Moreover, teenagers immerse themselves in their smart phones and social networks so deeply today they often lose sight of those around them.

This programme is designed to coach teenagers to communicate effectively inside and outside the world of technology and equip them the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident and self-assured young adults.

Topics include:

  • Personal hygiene & grooming
  • Skincare for youth
  • Create your own personal style 
  • Self-esteem & confidence building
  • Social skills in school and public
  • Conversation & listening skills
  • Visual poise & deportment
  • Table manners & dining etiquette
  • Communication skills – how to communicate with your teachers, family and friends
  • Public speaking skills – overcome public speaking fears