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Your Personal Guide to Image Management

Personal Guide to Image Management by Joy Koh - Cover

Target Readers

Professionals, corporate executives, managers, business owners, tertiary students, graduates and anyone who seeks self-improvement.

ISBN: 9-789811-131905

Size: 8.5” X 5.5” Soft Cover

Published by: Image Avenue

Edited by: Lau Joon-Nie

Cover photography: Picture Me

Distributed by: MarketAsia Books Pte Ltd (available at all major bookstores)

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Does your image create a good first impression? Do you carry yourself with poise and confidence? Are the things you say to colleagues, clients and business associates appropriate? Do you know what to do and say in different social or business settings? Most importantly, do you command respect and inspire others with your image?

This book provides you with strategies to enhance your image and heighten your presence for personal and professional success. Topics include how to impress at first sight, dress for success, discover your best colours, develop your style, a gentleman’s wardrobe, women’s body shapes, face shapes, makeup and skincare, social graces, business etiquette, dining etiquette, visual poise, inspiring personality and impactful communication skills.

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