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Groomed For Success – Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

  • October 11, 2016

Today was an exciting day as I had training kakis! Together with six image consultants, we had fun training seven classes of secondary 3 students from Tanjong Katong Girls’ School. Whenever a training project calls for multiple trainers to be training concurrently, I know I can count on my fellow image consultants who are certified by First Impressions to deliver interactive and fun-filled sessions. No complaints about waking up at 5am to kick start the training punctually at 8am; just lots of fun and laughter catching up at lunch after the group training. I am truly blessed to have very supportive and beautiful teammates!


Back to the training at TKGS, being from an all girls’ school myself, I could relate to the insecurities that a 15-16 year old girl may have. I was a quiet and reserved teenager whom hardly anyone noticed. In fact, I felt inferior to my more beautiful and well-spoken classmates. I used my own story of as an example, hoping that the students would be motivated by the fact that we don’t necessary need to have the perfect body shape nor the prettiest face. What we need is to be less critical of ourselves and pick up some grooming advice and adopt a positive attitude. When we look good, we feel good and we feel confidence of ourselves.

Our team of trainers shared with the girls that looking good in your clothes is not about perfect proportions but learning how to match your overall silhouette with your body line.

Dressing advice for the thin figure

  • Use light or bright colours
  • Layer clothes with jackets or vests
  • Avoid clingy fabrics
  • Avoid large, bold prints
  • Pockets, topstitching, checks and patterns add bulk

Dressing advise for the full figure

  • Wear solid colours in darker shades
  • Draw attention upwards to your face
  • Use vertical detailing
  • Avoid very small prints or accessories
  • Wear medium heeled shoes



Looking at the consolidated feedback, I’m very heartened to our team managed to receive many positive feedback about the programme. Here are some of the comments from over 200 respondents :

What did you find most valuable about this programme?

  1. I find the portion on wardrobe personality most valuable because I got to understand better my style of dressing and what to wear that suits my body shape.
  2. The different types of clothing for a body type as it is very relatable.
  3. I find the social etiquette and dress sense most valuable.
  4. Skincare regime. I believe it is very important to know more about taking care of our skin, especially since many are acne-prone.
  5. How to sit formally in a meeting, maintain a confident posture and wear clothes according to my appearance & figure.
  6. Practising good manners and social etiquette. They reflect on how well our parents brought us up.
  7. Learning about the importance of your first impression.
  8. I find the manners and etiquette the most valuable.
  9. How to behave and dress for a job interview.
  10. The key to talking and interacting with people in life when we encounter such situations.

Any other comments?

  1. It was fun!
  2. Interactive activities are good.
  3. Excellent course.
  4. Thank you for this workshop. It is really helpful and engaging.
    Instructor was professional & engaging. Learnt a lot.

I look forward to seeing the secondary four students in November during their Prom Night where I am invited to be the guest speaker. Till then, all the best for your exams TKGS girls!

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